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Airbrushing 101

Still a little usure about the ins and outs of Airbrushing? Looking for a little more info? I am going to disect Airbrush Makeup in this blog and make it easy breezy for you to understand. My goal?? For you to FALL IN LOVE with this unbelievably flawless way of applying your makeup!

Ready? Here we go.

How does Airbrush Makeup really work?

Airbrush Make-up covers the skin in tiny dots, allowing the natural skin tone to show through. This gives a far more natural look. Your skin is able to breathe through the light veil of Airbrushed Make-up which in turn is much better for your skin. The Make-up is hypo-allergenic and alcohol free. It can last well over 12 hours with NO touch-ups so your days of  lugging around all your compacts, eyeliners and shadows in your purse for necessary touch-ups throughout the day are over, you gotta love that!

What will I need to get started?

Dinair offers the Personal Pro System for the unbelievably low price of $299.  You will get the Air Compressor, Beauty Airbrush, Hose that connects the Beauty Airbrush to the Compressor, 8 .25oz. bottles of product, Eyeshadow Shield, Eyebrow Stencils, Airbrush Cleaner and Moisturizer, Airbrush Case, Clear Travel Bag, and Instructional DVD and Brochure. Wow!! Now, that’s a great deal!! This Personal Pro System gives you everything you will need to get started.

How do I pick the colors I will need?

I recommend choosing one foundation color, one blush color, one lighter eyeshadow color and one darker shadow that can also be used as an eyeliner. Here is what I have in my personal kit;

– Natural Beige foundation color, Peach Pink blush color, Soft Pink lighter eyeshadow color and Soft Smoke darker shadow which I use as my eye contour color, eyeliner and eyebrow color. You can also use the blush color as a lip-liner, how cool!

How do I keep the Beauty Airbrush clean?

The kit comes with the Airbrush cleaner which you should use after each make-up application. Fill the Beauty Airbrush cup up with cleaner and spray until it’s clear. I would also dock the Beauty Airbrush in warm water between uses, this prevents any build up from sticking to the Beauty Airbrush needle.

How much product will I use for each application?

This is the area that will save you bundles of cash. Unlike traditional make-up where the make-up sponge soaks up half your product the Beauty Airbrush only requires 5 to 10 drops (yes, drops) of product for a full coverage. Your blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner may only require 2 to 3 drops of product. The money you save in not  having to re-purchase  your traditional make-up products is well worth the initial $299. investment.

Does Dinair offer instructional classes?

Yes, we do! It is a two day, 16+ hour intensive instructional class. Here is a detailed overview:

• Dinair Beauty and Airtan System – color principles, artistic strategies and techniques.
• High Definition TV makeup that works
• Matte to sheen, blending and contour
• Opalescent and glitter effects
• Transparent to opaque and multi-shade micro-pointillism™ coverage method
• Cover, lighten or create freckles, age spots, birthmarks, veins, lines, wrinkles and bruises
• Stencil and application technique for eyebrows and eye shadows.
  Avant-garde stencil effects
• How to airbrush your own makeup
• Transparent to opaque and multi-shade micro-pointillism™ coverage method
• How to virtually eliminate touch-ups
• Cover and camouflage tattoos
• Easier, faster and coverage that feels extraordinarily light
• Men’s techniques for print, TV, film, and wedding
• Learn how to make your own stencils
• 6 and 12 airbrush systems
• Operation and maintenance of Dinair systems, airbrushes, hoses, manifolds,
  CO2 tanks – hands-on training

Make-up Mavens…Click this link to enter to win one-on-one training with Celebrity Make-up Artist and President of Dinair, Dina Ousley. This is an unbelievable opportunity!!!







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The Real Scoop on Makeup from the Oscars!

So, this year the celebs came out looking absolutely radiant! Natural looks were all the rage. Everyone looked as if they had just returned from a month long vaca in the South of France. How did our favorite celebs transform into such natural (right) beauties…. well my fellow makeup mavens… Airbrush Makeup and Tanning, that’s how!! Instead of being airbrushed tanned with a dark tone they chose a light tone this year, the result, I very subtle, natural looking, healthy glow. I know what you’re thinking, “the Airbrushing Tanning process must have taken forever.” Wrong!! A full body Airbrush Tan only takes about 8 minutes, max! With an Airbrush Tan your tan is custonized to the curves of your body which in turn gives you a perfect everytime tan. No missed areas or streaks or a tan that’s too orange and abviously fake. The best part about all of this is that it can be done in the comforts of your home by none other than, you!! So, not only can you achieve the red carpet makeup look from your favorite celebs but now you know a flawless tan can be done at home too! Ladies, if you haven’t purchase your Dinair Airbrush machine yet now is the time. Make life easier and let yourself feel like their should be a red carpet just for you when you walk out the front door every morning!

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The Secrets to Airbrushing at Home

I am constantly asked by clients if people are really airbrushing their makeup at home, they most definitely are!! More and more women are catching on to the benefits of airbrushing their makeup. Airbrush Makeup rests on top of the skin instead of being pressed (or almost spackled) into the pores like with traditional makeup. The Airbrush method allows your skin to breath by creating a light veil of product while still allowing for a full coverage. Airbrushing takes much less time by doing the blending for you, you can kiss your germ harboring brushes and sponges good-bye!!

The new trend in makeup is natural, fresh and glowing faces; no more of the cakey, over powdered, masked skin that once was. We want to be comfortable in our makeup no matter how long our days are. Years ago I would literally count the minutes until I could get home and wash the mask of makeup I had off! When I started airbrushing my makeup I found that I went all day and didn’t even think about the fact that I had makeup on and another huge plus, because it does rest on top of your skin no more breakouts or clogged pores caused by wearing makeup all day (or even all night ).

Go ahead ladies, throw away those drawers full of eyeshadow, blush, foundation and powder compacts, the neverending tubes of lip liner and eyeliner and start  airbrushing your way to better skin! Join your fellow makeup mavens at where you can order your at home kit and log on 24-7 for lessons.

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Mrs. California, Miss California and Miss Teen Californial International Pageants

I have been the Official California International Pageant Makeup Artist for 5 years running. These girls (and ladies) are super sweet, full of energy and totally trust me in giving them a winning look. There’s no way I would send these girls out on stage with thousands of people watching them in anything less than the best makeup products out there. They are ALWAYS Airbrushed which allows me to do their makeup, send them on their way for a long day of interviews and performances without having the worry of if they are going to need touch ups. Airbrush Makeup looks just as fabulous ten hours into the day as it did at the initial application.

It’s amazing to see the transformation with these elite ladies from Highschool or College Students, Busy Moms and Wives to full on Glamour Queens. Unlike the typical stigma of over the top Texas style Pageant Makeup, these ladies look natural, fresh and glowing, never cakey, prosaic or run of the mill. Another plus ( the pluses are endless, lol!) It only takes about ten minutes to Airbrush a flawless beauty makeup. WOW!!

I also trust mt Dinair Airbrush Makeup to my Fabulous ladies of the Miss Asia USA Pageant.

I’ll have a post up soon about helpful hints in Airbrushing at home… something I think everyone should be doing but aren’t because they think it’s too difficult or too expensive (which is totally untrue).

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Airbrush Makeup; Who’s wearing it, Who’s doing it

Dinair has pioneered Airbrush Makeup Artistry concepts, techniques and products. Now more than ever Professional Makeup Artists are needing the benefits of Airbrush Makeup to keep up with the ever evolving Televison Shows, Movies and Commercials which are all shot in High Definition. More traditional methods of Makeup show every flaw, line and imperfection if not done perfectly, with Airbrush Makeup by Dinair the skin looks natural, even, flawless and never cakey.
Digital cameras are better than ever, which is great for capturing that perfect shot, but not so great if you haven’t spent hours trying to get your makeup just right for the unforgiving clarityof the digital camera lens.Airbrush Makeup is quick, easy and does the blending for you. Some of your favorite celebs wouldn’t dare be photographed for a movie premier, red carpet event or even a day out shopping without being Airbrushed. I constantly hear people commenting on so and so’s flawless “natural” skin,well….most likely that celeb has been airbrushed to perfection!
Checkout Dinair’s awesome website. We even have demo’s and lessons so you too can join the world of Airbrushing and never look back at your years of sponges, brushes and uneven makeup again!

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Hello world!

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